Meble na wymiar - kuchenne, stoły, garderoby, szafy i inne Bielsko-Biała

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Meble na wymiar, szafy,
 kuchenne - Bielsko-Biała

How it works?

It’s easy! Whole process is divided into 5 steps. Check it!

1. Request for quotation
    a. Draft drawings, project
    b. Material, colour, décor, vinyl etc.
    c. Dimensions, photos

2. Contact to clarify details
    a. What is missing in the project
    b. Appliances
    c. Possible replacements other solutions to meet your expectations
    d. Correcting the specification if needed
    e. Quotation

3. Contract signing and payment
    a. Contract sent by email + courier delivery
    b. You send the signed contract back to us. On our cost!
    c. Payment: 80% of prepayment to bank account, further 20% before delivery

4. Order execution
    a. Depending on the type of material, complexity of the project and destination it may take from 2 to 6 weeks to deliver the finished product to your door
    b. Delivery or own collection (products packed with cardboard, stretch foil and bubble foil)

5. Delivery and it’s cost is on our side (unless you pick it up on your own) – Your adventure starts now!


For Whom?

  • Individual customer – Our products are easy to assemble
  • Developers – products are delivered ready for final setup
  • Carpenters – We produce according to specification You assemble at your customer
  • Retail companies – We produce and assemble trading posts


  • You save on assembly if you do it yourself
  • You can carry out more assemblies in the same time
  • You buy high quality products in optimal cots
  • Door-to-door deliveries